Why Hotice Exclusive Was Absent At The Uniport Trace Event As He Apologized To Fans

No doubt it was a shock to many and to the fans of the Uniport Artist of the year Hotice Exclusive as his abesence was felt at the just concluded Trace In The City event that took place in the University arena.

Lots of questions has been going on regarding to the issue but no one seems to have a clue to the answer not even Hotice himself has said anything about it.

Hotice Exclusive was one man expected to grace the event as fans from across the state came with expectations to be trilled by the “Na Dem” crooner but unfortunately was disappointed to meet his absence. Having won the Uniport artist of the year, questions has been raised concerning his absence in the event which took place in his own domain (home). 

Information from a close source revealed that Hotice Exclusive absence was due to the failure of the organizers of the show to officially contact the act. Hotice who later took it to social media to tender apologies to his fans for not making it to the event. The internet has been unrest ever since as many still finds it hard to understand why such neglect was attributed to Uniport #1 waving act.

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