Starzone Lagos Vs Port Harcourt Hot Songs – 2019 Artworks In Review

2019 has come and go though leaving so many memories behind for us to trade on as we forge ahead in the quest for a better career in the entertainment industry.

No doubt, it was actually a great year not withstanding the facts that it also treated us with its own challenges which we all conquered thereby making us more better persons. I can say Starzoneblog witnessed the rise of exceptional talented artistes from various parts of the country who came up with amazing hot tracks adding more fun and glamour to the music industry.

This artwork was designed as a way of commending and appreciating all those that worked with us mostly Lagos and Port Harcourt base artistes who dominated Starzoneblog with back2back hits, we say a very big THANK YOU and a warm welcome to a more prosperous new year as we look forward in doing more business together…Congratulations!

This year, we are have officially expanded our tentacles in publicity as we are now fully ready and equipped to promote our clients beyond the scope of last year..Thank you for your patronage!

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