Abduction Incident – Nigerian Singer Kelchizi To Grant Official Interview With Starzone

Multi-talented Nigerian musical sensational singer and producer popularly known as Kelchizi has officially announced his granted interview with Starzone Media in respect of his abduction which took place few weeks back involving himself and his friend Udoka a renowned rapper.

The incident which took place barely a week after the release of Beamer Video by Udoka which he (Kelchizi) was featured. The Port Harcourt base act took to social media to publicly announced affirm to the interview stated that it is necessary for him to clear the air for his fans and well-wishers who has been curious of knowing what actually happened to him in the hands of his abductors as many still believes the incident is just a rumor or mere speculations.

Kelchizi and rapper Udoka during Beamer video shoot

Meanwhile he further went ahead to urge his fans to join him in praising God for preserving his life and that of his friend Udoka from the hands of their kidnappers. According to him the interview will be published before the 25th of this month.

Kelchizi and rapper Udoka spotted chilling out during a video shoot
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